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Culture of Violence?


Beyond the Wall

Grace Durbin, a fellow blogger on WordPress and writer for Elitedaily, published a piece back in November on the state of violence in ourculture of violence country. The first half of her post records her pregnancy, her partner abandoning her, then the birth of her now 1-year-old daughter, followed by the epiphany of living in a  “culture of violence”.  What would she do if something tragic happened to her? Who would care for her young daughter? As she witnesses, reads, and hears about young girls being sexually assaulted, young men, like Mike Brown, who “hit the ground in a storm of unmerited violence” and boys like Tamir Rice, she can only conclude that her daughter’s life is imminently threatened by this “culture of violence”. She says “Police officers gun down our children and then justify it”. We have a “culture of violence” and “a tolerance of injustice” she tells us.

Durbin surely…

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2 thoughts on “Culture of Violence?

  1. I wanted to give my readers and followers a chance to meet one of God’s very own voices. He mentions my declaration that we have a culture of violence.

    “Culture of Violence?” He wrote. And then, he proceeded to verbally assault.

    I trust that many of you have probably read much more of my work than he has. So, thankfully, you know my heart. So does God.

    This is my response to the writer.


  2. Dear Christian Blogger,

    As you know, recently, I wrote you a letter. This morning, I just wanted to add one quick thing!

    It’s important.

    What Would Jesus Say To Someone Like Leelah Alcorn?

    Pastor Kell said it best:


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